Ignite Guides

Ignite Guides are Volunteers who assist the young person with their Ignite Award activities.  For each activity of Ignite Award, a participant will need at least one Guide to help guide them throughout.

An Ignite Guide is someone who:

  • Is over the age of 18
  • Is more skilled, experienced or qualified in the activity than the participant
  • Is not a close family member
  • Is able to help set a goal for the activity
  • Will monitor and assess the participant based on effort, perseverance and development
  • Compete the final report and sign off the activity

Ignite Guides play a crucial role in the success of Ignite Award.  Their role is to engage with participants and offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement as they undertake the activity.

All Ignite Guides working with a participant must hold a current Working with Children Check. For more information visit Working with Children Check.

A further requirement is for all adults working with participants to complete Ignite Award Volunteer Code of Conduct.