Deliver Ignite

“The Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association (WAPPA) readily endorses the work of Awards WA through Ignite Award in building the capacity and confidence of our young people and encourages Principals to embrace this opportunity for our young leaders.”

Ian Anderson, President




Delivering Ignite Award brings many personal and professional benefits:
  • The opportunity to help develop young people and support them on their exciting personal development journey and finding their glow!
  • Supporting and supplementing your organisation’s aims and principles
  • Implementing a program that promotes young people’s social and emotional wellbeing
  • Connecting young people with their community

There are a few simple steps to follow in order to deliver Ignite Award and set up a strong Ignite Award within your organisation.

Step 1 – Seek Out Knowledge

Email the Award office to discuss needs, and how the Award can work within specific settings and map to required outcomes.

Step 2 – Become an Award Agent | Register online here

Register your organisation by completing the New Award Agent Form – Ignite and the Award Agent Agreement 2022-2024 available at Resources

Step 3 – Appoint an Ignite Leader

An Ignite Leader is the main contact within the Award Agent and is responsible for running the Award within the organisation.

Step 4 – Involve Colleagues

Support from colleagues helps create a strong program and embeds it within the culture of the school or organisation. It is recommended that expressions of interests are circulated to identify colleagues willing to assist. By creating a support network within the organisation setting, it can improve the quality and strength of the Ignite Award experience for all involved.

Step 5 – Include Parents

Gaining parental/guardian support is essential to Ignite Award’s success – particularly as most participants’ activities will be undertaken within their own time.

Step 6 – Engage young people

Sparking the interest of young people is key to building a strong Ignite Award. It is recommended that an information session for students and/or parents/guardians is booked with Awards WA and collect expressions of interest.