The requirements of Ignite Award increase as the participant moves through the Award levels – starting at 3 hours and building to 15 hours as they mature and are able to commit more to their development.

Award sections Time Requirements
Physical Activity Min 3 hours
Hobby Min 3 hours
Volunteering Min 3 hours
Adventure Min 3 hours
Award sections Time Requirements
Physical Activity Min 6 hours
Hobby Min 6 hours
Volunteering Min 6 hours
Adventure Min 6 hours
Award sections Time Requirements
Physical Activity Min 10 hours
Hobby Min 10 hours
Volunteering Min 10 hours
Adventure Min 8 hours
Award sections Time Requirements
Physical Activity Min 15 hours
Hobby Min 15 hours
Volunteering Min 15 hours
Adventure 2 days/1 night or 2 day trips at least 6 hours each

T's & C's

  • It is essential that participants show regular commitment and that they complete the majority of the required hours in their own time.
  • Participants can complete the activities in a single session, however it is recommended and encouraged for participants to undertake activities over a period of time.
  • Ignite Leaders help participants choose an activity that fits the purpose of the particular part of the Ignite Award, however, it is important to ensure it is something that the participant is interested in and can regularly participate in.
  • Any rules and safety requirements of the chosen activity should be learnt by the participant prior to commencement.
  • Ignite Guides help participants through their activity. This person is skilled and experienced in the relevant activity and should not be a close family member.
  • Ignite Award is about working hard to achieve the activity goal. The participant should think about it, talk with their Ignite Leaders and Guide and then write it in their Record Book before starting the activity.
  • During all parts of Ignite Award, participants must be appropriately supervised by a responsible adult or Instructor at all times. This person may be the Ignite Guide. Ignite Leaders should clarify this arrangement with the parent if the activity is to be held out of school or organisation time. Parents may supervise their child’s activity but should not be their Ignite Guide.
  • Only one Award level can be completed at a time. Each Award level needs to be finished before starting on the next.