For Parents and Guardians

Participating in Ignite Award is an exciting journey for young people and their families.

Through a strong yet flexible framework, your child can uniquely design their Ignite Award, choosing activities that spark their sense of discovery and challenge them to find their glow. You play a vital role by providing support and encouragement as they work towards their goals.

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Supporting your child

Ignite Award is all about young people participating in activities which are interesting, exciting and heaps of fun.  Along the way, they will help others, get fit and learn skills and talents.  All of these things are waiting to be discovered through Ignite Award.

Your child is responsible for setting their Award goals and working to achieve them.

With your support and motivation, you can help your child grow and develop. Encourage them to take an active role in constructing their strategies to drive them forward. No other person can understanding their strengths and weaknesses better than you.


During all parts of Ignite Award, participants must be appropriately supervised by a responsible adult at all times. This person may be the Ignite Guide, coach/instructor or parent.

Often Asked Questions

Q Is there a special starting date for each Level of Ignite Award?
A No. Ignite Award can be started at any time.

Q When does a participant have to finish?
A They should aim to finish any level before their 14th birthday.

Q Can a participant do two Levels at the same time?
A No. They must complete one Level at a time.

Q My child has lost their Record Book, what should I do?
A Contact the Ignite Leader to arrange a replacement Book.

Q Will the time spent on Level 1 & 2 count towards the time on activities in Level 3 & 4?
A No. Each Level is separate.

Q What if a participant changes Ignite Award Agents?
A They can continue their Ignite Award under their new Agent.