This section of Ignite Award encourages you to realise that everyone should appreciate and understand what it means to help others, and what an important role volunteers play in the community. Also, this section is designed to help you develop a sense of involvement and responsibility to others. It is hoped that you will continue your commitment to community involvement after finishing your Ignite Award.

Choosing an Activity

Before choosing an activity, have a think about what services are out there providing assistance to others, and how you would like to get involved in your community (either at school or in your community).

After this stage, you should discuss your areas of interest with your Ignite Leader who can assist you to decide on a suitable task which is age-appropriate and interesting. If the activity involves visits to outside groups, then it may be necessary for parents to be involved. You should inform your Leader about relevant details.

  • You need to provide useful service.
  • Your Ignite Leader can help you when choosing an activity, however, make sure you choose an activity that you are interested in and that you can devote your time to.
  • You need to receive some mentoring from an experienced adult. This person would be the appropriate Guide for your activity.
  • Your goal must be discussed with your Guide and then written in your Record Book at the start of the activity.
  • You can’t get paid for any of your volunteering activities.

Examples (a starting point)

  • AT SCHOOL, School Council, Tutoring
  • CHILDREN, Help at pre-school/Kindy
  • ENVIRONMENT, Litter collection
  • FUNDRAISING, For a community group or charity
  • ELDERLY/UNWELL, Reading for the elderly