Physical Activity

This section of Ignite Award allows you to have a go at a new fitness activity or focus on developing your skills in a physical activity you already do. The purpose is to establish a positive attitude to physical activity, to gain satisfaction from meeting the challenge and to lay the foundations for an ongoing active lifestyle.

We hope that you choose an activity outside of one you normally do during your school day. You can choose an activity which you can do by yourself such as running, or within a group like football. The activity should involve some challenge and result in you gaining new skills, knowledge and fitness!

  • You need to show regular commitment, and that you complete the majority of the hours in your own time.
  • Your Ignite Leader can help you when choosing an activity, however, make sure you choose an activity that you are interested in and that you can devote your time to.
  • You need to gain a good knowledge of the activity’s rules and safety requirements.
  • You need to receive some mentoring from an experienced adult. This person would be the appropriate Guide for your activity.
  • You should strive to achieve a personal goal in this activity. The goal must be discussed with your Guide and then written in your Record Book at the start of the activity.

Examples (a starting point)

AFL (football), Athletics, Ballet, Basketball, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Dancing, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Horse riding, Jogging, Karate, Netball, Rugby, Swimming, Tae-kwon do, Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga