This is an exciting and challenging section which offers you the chance to arrange an adventure away from home which needs someĀ  planning, training and teamwork!

The Adventure must have a goal, other than just journeying to a certain destination. Your goal should reflect the purpose you are aiming to achieve. This might be to find out more about a location, its history or geography. It would beĀ suitable to write a brief report or give a talk to your Guide or class about what you have discovered during your travels!

Often school camps will provide a suitable framework for this section, or it may be that parents/guardians can supervise weekend or school holiday trips.

Before you head out on your Adventure, you will need to receive some basic training from someone who is experienced. This is to ensure that you are well prepared for your journey, and includes the following:

  • Communication methods eg. use of mobile phones, meeting arrangements, contact numbers, emergency contacts
  • Obtaining equipment, food and clothing
  • Camp craft
  • Learning to properly use and take care of gear
  • Becoming familiar with safety and first aid procedures
  • Map reading/navigation

All Adventures must be supervised by an adult, however you need to show initiative and take charge (with guidance when needed). All journeys should have a purpose which is clearly defined before you begin the activity. You must undertake planning of your journey in consultation with the adult who is going to be your Guide. You must also consult with the adult/s who will be going with you and supervising you to make sure that your planning suits them. In Level 4, you can choose to stay overnight on your adventure. Accommodation should be as challenging as possible, eg. camping out in a tent or staying in cabins.

Examples (a starting point)

  • WALKING, National parks, Waterfalls
  • CANOEING, Nearby rivers and lakes
  • CYCLING, National parks
  • CITY/LOCAL SITES, Museums, Art galleries, Historical landmarks/sites, Zoo, Planetariums, Aquariums