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Open Award Centre

OAC Award Leader and Gold Award Recipients

OAC Award Leader Mittal Panchal with 2017 Gold Award Recipients

If your school or youth group doesn’t offer the Award, you can do it under the Western Australian Open Award Centre (OAC).

The Open Award Centre is a virtual centre for Participants to do their Award. Awards are completed through the Online Record Book and Participants are connected to a WA based Award Leader who is dedicated to managing the Centre.

It is an alternative avenue for young people to do their Award if they aren’t linked to an Award Unit, such as a school or club. The OAC Award Leader acts as Participants’ Award Leader and guides them through the Award.

Participants can enter through the OAC from anywhere in Western Australia.

Who runs the Western Australia Open Award Centre?

The Open Award Centre is managed by an Award Leader out of the WA Award Operating Authority. The Award Leader’s role is to engage young people in the Award, encourage, inspire and guide Participants.

The Award Leader provides support for Participants by helping them:

  • Identify activities and create an Award plan
  • Regularly monitors activities and provides motivation to finish their Award

Email for more information:

BRONZE LEVEL bronze.oac@awardswa.org.au

SILVER LEVEL silver.oac@awardswa.org.au

GOLD LEVEL gold.oac@awardswa.org.au

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