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The Online Record Book (ORB) is an online system to help Participants, Award Units, Leaders and Assessors doing, delivering and assessing the Award. It is where Participants can set up activities, record their efforts, upload evidence and submit Assessor reports. Award Leaders can monitor progress behind the scenes, and help if required.

All users (Participants/Award Units/Award Leaders) must register on this system before they can commence their Award.

To ensure that everyone can use the ORB and understand the interactivity between the different user groups, there are resources available which includes user guides and FAQs.  Resources can be found HERE

For technical difficulties with the ORB, Tel: 1300 438 537 (prompt 1) or email The hours of operation of the Helpdesk are Monday-Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm AEST.

How are the hours recorded for a Participant?

There is an algorithm which calculates the hours that has been done towards the Award for each Section. Each Section must reach the required number of hours before the overall Award is finished and ready for submission to the Award Leader with the completed Assessor Reports (these are uploaded into the ORB Library).

A Participant must be consistent in working through their activities and recording the hours online into the ORB. Either:

  • 1 hour every 7 days
  • or 2 hours every 14 days
  • or 4 hours every 28 days

Being consistently active and recording the hours online will ensure that the relevant Award level hours and time requirements are met.

An Award ORB completion checklist for each Award level is available here:

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