Bronze Award

The Bronze Award Plan is for you to use to help you organise your Bronze Duke of Ed Award Sections. Show this to your Award Leader so they can approve your planned activities before you get started.

The Assessor Commencement Form is to be given to each of your Assessors for them to complete and you will need to hand this back to your Award Leader.

Information on the Online Record Book including a User Guide and demonstrations to help you register, set up and log your activities is available here.

When you finish a Section, use the User Guide to help you send Reports to your Assessor for signing off.

Use the Bronze Award Checklist to help you finalise your Award once you reach 100% in your Sections.

There is also a handy guide for Bronze Award Participants, packed full of ideas to inspire you!

*If you are completing your Bronze Award on book, some of these documents will not be relevant to you.

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