Duke of Ed Award Benefits

What does ‘The Duke of Ed Difference’ look like?

A young person who has attained The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (The Duke of Ed or the Award) has completed one or more levels of a development program that provides them with many of the skills, behaviours and attitudes employers are looking for in new recruits such as:

communication                perseverance             self-confidence
team working                   organization               citizenship
decision-making              leadership                   resilience

What evidence supports this?

Both formal independent research into the Duke of Ed and anecdotal evidence from employers, universities, schools, parents and participants around the world cite The Duke of Ed as one of most valuable and impactful extra-curricular programs available to young people.  The value of non-formal education, in particular The Duke of Ed, in building more well-rounded people is also being recognised in addition to academic qualification by domestic and international employers and university admissions programs.

  • The Award is an Endorsed Program by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority which assigns a Bronze Award 1 unit, Silver Award 2 units and Gold Award 4 units, meaning an Award Participant in Year 10, 11 or 12 can use a completed Bronze, Silver and/or Gold Award towards achieving their WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education).

Employability Skills

Taking part in the Award enables young people to develop practical skills, behaviours and attitudes that are valued by employers globally.

Experience and Volunteering more sought after than ever

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides individuals with values and experiences that are highly sought after in the workforce. From the service/volunteering completed to the adventure you took on, employers are seeking well rounded employees.

Formal education just isn’t enough

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is needed more than ever to bridge the gap between formal education and employment.

Through doing the Award and developing important skills like communication, teamworking and leadership, young people can improve their readiness for work while having fun. There was a time when being a student or owning a University degree was all one needed to land a job.

The Award provides Participants with the extra ingredient to score a job

The Award teaches each person to take responsibility for their goals and choices; how to connect and actively engage with their immediate community and how to positively contribute to society by their active involvement.

These are the traits you need to be selling on your CV! If you haven’t included your Award on your CV – now is the time to start.

Instead of the usual hobbies section on the resume, how about one which illustrates the volunteering and experiences you’ve had through the Award?

The Duke of Ed Employer Program

A Duke of Ed Employer harnesses the value of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award into their recruitment and staff development programs. From casual employees to internships, apprenticeships and graduate employment, acknowledging the Award:

Recognises work-ready candidates: reduces cost of recruitment, identifying candidates with greater experience and skills

Furthers career development: provides a low-cost development opportunity to existing young employees.

Builds value of brand: increased recognition by employers promotes the Award and encourages greater youth participation.

How does my organisation become a Duke of Ed Employer?

Download the Duke of Ed Employer Brochure and Duke of Ed Employer Application Form HERE or contact CEO, Katie Brown for more details.

For a full list of all Duke of Ed Employers across Australia, click HERE

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