Award Leaders

The Award Leader is the main contact for the Award Unit, and is responsible for running the Award within their organisation.

Their role is to engage young people in the Award, encourage, inspire and guide them.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the registration process for each Participant from their organisation
  • Assisting in selection of Assessors
  • Helping identify activities and goals
  • Answering questions and liaising with the WA Award Operating Authority
  • Providing information to colleagues, Participants, parents/guardians and Assessors
  • Adhering to risk management policies and legislation
  • Reviewing Participant records for assessment and approval

Award Unit Leaders can also nominate Youth Award Leaders to assist them drive the Award, increase engagement and provide support to their peers.

In additional to support and training from the WA Award Operating Authority, there are a number of resources that can help you run a strong Award— including templates, activity ideas and service providers/partners.  Your main resource will be The Australian Award Handbook.

The Award Leader must hold, as well as ensuring all adults working with an Award Participant under the age of 18 years hold, a current Working with Children Check. For more information visit

A further requirement is for all adults working with Award Participants to complete the Volunteer Code of Conduct. This includes: Award Leaders, Assessors/Supervisors and mentors.

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