Award Centres

Award Centres are organisations licensed by the WA Award Operating Authority to offer the Award to its young people.

Award Centres can be:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Community Organisations
  • Sporting or Social Clubs
  • Companies

Delivering the Award brings many personal and professional benefits:

  • The opportunity to help develop young people and support them on their journey to a better future
  • Being an Award Centre means that you are forming a partnership with the largest international pursuit of youth development in the world

There are a few simple steps to follow in order to become an Award Centres and set up a strong program:

Seek Out Knowledge

It is recommended speaking with the Award Development Team (08 9321 4179)  or email to discuss needs, and how the Award can work within specific settings and map to required outcomes.


Register the organisation on the Online Record Book and completing the Award Unit Licence Agreement. Once registration is completed, an invoice will be issued for payment of the Annual Award Unit Registration Fee: $350 for single Award Units and $350 for State Bodies with $200 for each additional Unit. This fee covers items including:

  • Administration costs
  • Materials and resources
  • Initial training and further required training
  • Ongoing enquiry support
  • A visit from the Programs Manager to your organisation
  • Any other support your organisation may require to run the program
  • Insurance coverage (limited)*


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia (National Award Authority) requires Award Units to have insurance cover for all Participants and Volunteers. This includes both personal accident and public liability insurance.  In addition, NAA maintains a further insurance policy for Participants and Volunteers that acts as an umbrella cover.

The NAA Certificates of Currency and insurance schedules outlining coverage, geographical limits and limitations on liability is available HERE. It is important to regularly review the insurance certificates and schedules as they are updated annually. Participants, their families and volunteers need to refer to their Award Unit for their insurance details.

For any incident or accident, an Incident Report Form is required to be completed in conjunction with the Participants and Volunteers Award Unit and a copy forwarded to the WA State Award Operating Authority as soon as possible.

Award Leader

An Award Leader is the main contact for the Award Unit and is responsible for running the Award within the organisation. For further information on Award Leaders see Award Leaders.

Involve Colleagues

Support from colleagues helps create a strong program and embeds it within the culture of the school, university or organisation. It is recommended that expressions of interests are circulated to identify colleagues willing to assist. By creating a support network within the organisation setting, it can improve the quality and strength of the Award experience for all involved.

Include Parents

For Award Units working with young people under the age of 18, gaining parental/guardian support is essential to the Award’s success – particularly as most Participants’ activities will be undertaken within their own time.

Engage Participants

Sparking the interest of young people is key to building a strong Award. It is recommended that an information session for students and/or parents/guardians is booked with the Award Development Team and collect expressions of interest.

Youth Award Leader

While your young people are doing their Award, they can become a Youth Award Leader (YAL).  YAL help drive the Award , increase engagement and provide support to other Participants. See Youth Award Leader for further information.

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