Assessors are Volunteers who assist the young person with their Award activities.  For each Section of the Award (Physical Recreation, Skills etc), a Participant will need at least one Assessor to help guide them throughout their Award activities.  In some instances, a Participant will require more than one Assessor per Section to ensure that each activity has been completed.

An Assessor is someone who:

  • Is over the age of 18
  • Is more skilled, experienced or qualified in the activity than the Participant
  • Is not an immediate family member
  • Is able to help set a goal for the activity
  • Will monitor and assess the Participant based on effort, perseverance and progress
  • Compete the final report and sign off the Section

Award Assessors play a crucial role in the success of the Award.  Their role is to engage with Award Participants and offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement as they undertake the Section of the Award that the Assessor is assessing.  For further information, read Assessor Roles and Responsibilities as well as Section 2.2.2 of The Australian Award Handbook.


Supervisors are Volunteers who play a critical role in implementing and overseeing the arrangements concerning the safety of Participants when they are undertaking their Adventurous Journeys.

The Supervisor:

  • Is appointed by the Award Leader and is responsible for the group’s safety while on the journey
  • Needs to be familiar with the Adventurous Journey Section and must be highly competent in the activity/mode of journey
  • Even if the Supervisor has assisted with the training or undertaken the training for the journey, they must still check and be satisfied that the Participants are properly trained and equipped to undertake the planned and approved journey
  • May also be the Assessor
  • Must provide feedback on the team’s strengths and weaknesses that needs to be addressed during and after the Practice Journey(s)

Please note that the Supervisor can be a different person for each journey, and there can also be more than one Supervisor for each journey.

For further information, read Section 2.2.3 and Chapter 6 of The Australian Award Handbook.

All Assessors/Supervisors working with an Award Participant under the age of 18 years must hold a current Working with Children Check. For more information visit Working with Children Check.

A further requirement is for all adults working with Award Participants to complete the Volunteer-Code-of-Conduct_2019 This includes: Award Leaders, Assessors/Supervisors and mentors.

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