The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a prestigious and community focussed Award which is recognised world-wide.  AISWA schools pride themselves on their co-curricular non-academic programmes.  Similarly to the Award itself, voluntary service, skills, physical recreation and adventure programmes are a major part of many of our schools.  Over 50 AISWA schools are participants in the Award.  Importantly, students can commence their Award while at school and continue their journey up until the age of 25.”

Dr Alec J O’Connell

Chair, AISWA Board of Directors

Hundreds of thousands of dedicated people help to deliver the Award around the world, every day.

Non-formal education focuses on developing the wider ‘soft’ or life-skills which help young people ensure they are ready for the world.  When paired with a formal education, the Award provides a fantastic foundation for a young person to thrive.

Any organisation that works directly with young people can deliver the Award: schools, prisons, Scout and Guide groups,  business or  youth clubs, as well as by governments. It offers organisations a way of gaining accreditation for development activities with young people.

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