“Ignite Has Been Incredible”

November 25, 2021

“I really loved doing all levels of Ignite Award. The main reason was because I got to do all the things I love doing like being outdoors and pushing myself to do fun and exciting things. At level 4, I did an overnight hike on the Bibbulmun track. This was my first ever time to stay overnight, and it was such an adventure. I even cooked my own dinner on the mini gas cooker. However, apart from all the adventures, I loved the volunteer bit best. I did various things to help, but my most rewarding was the beach clean ups. I really felt happy that I was doing my bit to not only clean up, but to know I was helping to save the ocean and helping the environment. I also got to learn about micro plastics on one beach clean up, and now I know how much we need to do as people to stop plastic coming onto our beaches and our oceans.  At my school, I was asked to gave a talk at assembly about my achievements with Ignite. I wear my badges on my school uniform with pride”  Noah Myers, Ignite participant, Aquinas College

As a parent helping Noah do the Ignite levels, I can honestly say its been so rewarding. I also agree with Noah and think the volunteer part has been the best. I went with him on the volunteer parts as children under a certain age have to be with an adult. I was so impressed with his ability to just get stuck in and help out. I was more impressed about what sense of accomplishment the volunteering did for him! He absolutely loved it. We really love Ignite for that!  He also stayed overnight on the Bibbulmun Track, again a first for him. Without doing Ignite, he probably wouldn’t have done this at only age 11. For us, Ignite has been incredible. I cannot thank you all enough for allowing us the opportunity!  Sally Myers

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