Hale School Youth Award Leader — Nicholas Tran

October 29, 2015

At the start of the year I offered my help to the Award Leader not knowing that the Youth Award Leader position even existed. Once I was in the role, I found that a lot of my time was spent learning about the Award. I developed an insight into some of the background procedures, how the Award ran and how boys’ responses to the Award differed. I found that my main impact wasn’t in meetings, or doing little speeches here and there. It was simply me talking to my friends and other people around the school about the Award. I let them know what the common mistakes were, how they could log their hours effectively and the benefits of achieving a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

As a Participant in the Award myself and also having the background information, I found it much easier to relate to the problems of other Participants and help fix them.  As I student myself I found it easier to help encourage other students to get started. I held the position for the year and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, not only did it enable to help others but I also learnt about the Award itself which helped me with my own Award. The Youth Award Leader position offered me a unique spot where I could essentially be the middle ground between Participants and the Leaders and it seems like an opportunity too good to miss.

Nicholas Tran, Hale School 2015

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