Gold Residential Project – SPOTTO!

April 9, 2019

Monkey Mia Gold Residential Project for Willetton SHS
Duke of Ed Award Participants

As part of their Gold Residential Project, Duke of Ed Participants from Willetton SHS Gifted and Talented Program under Award Leader Judy Gauci, undertook creating a Spotto Sheet at Monkey Mia – a popular tourist destination located about 900km north of Perth.

The Participants worked in 2 teams of  5 and if they weren’t working with the dolphins, they were with Judy taking photos, sorting through and naming, editing images, researching for the descriptions, deciding which images to use and putting the spotto sheet together.

All of this meant that they had to learn photography skills plus the design software to build the sheet.  It took a whole week and was an awesome project!

The next step now is to print 1000 gloss double sided copies and send them up to Monkey Mia Parks and Wildlife team to distribute to children that come through the Education Centre.

So next time you are up at the Monkey Mia Education Centre, grab a sheet and enjoy the learning – all created as part of the Duke of Ed!

Check out the spotto sheet HERE

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