Benoit’s Story (Benoits Geschichte)

July 12, 2018

Benoit Ah-Quee is a 15-year-old student at our school who registered to do the Bronze Award this year. I was excited to receive a beautiful email from Benoit’s mum, who was thrilled about her boy deciding to learn German as part of his Skills Section. She explained that as a Mauritian, Benoit’s dad speaks 3-4 languages which is not uncommon; and as a bilingual family they are fascinated by, and value other languages and their acquisition. She says that since Benoit started school however, he gave up speaking Creole and only now through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has re-established his interest in languages, through German.

 I was delighted to read this as I believe that The Duke of Ed Award gives students the opportunity to grow and develop themselves and maybe pursue a passion that they didn’t know they had! I look forward to watching Benoit work toward his goal of having a fluent conversation in German and achieving his Bronze Award.

Malora Rosario, Bold Park Community School

Award Leader, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

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