To broaden the development of personal interests and practical skills.


  • Undertake an activity regularly which develops or improves on a desired skill, for the required minimum length of time depending on Award level chosen
  • Meet the minimum time requirements, depending on Award level chosen
  • Show regular commitment, progress and improvement in chosen activity
  • Understand that regular commitment means at least one (1) hour per week, two (2) hours per fortnight or four (4) hours every four weeks
  • Undertake activities substantially in their own time. This means that whilst some activity may take place within school, university or work hours, most of it should occur outside of these scheduled times


  • Same activity not required for entire time
  • Set a realistic goal and strive to achieve this
  • Activity can be something new, or something already being done
  • An Assessor is chosen (should not be an immediate family member)

Activity Examples

Arts and design, Crafts, Communications, Environment/nature, Games, Hobbies, Life and vocational skills, Music, Performance, Sports coaching or umpiring.