Adventurous Journey

Stimulate a spirit of adventure and self-discovery while undertaking a journey in a group.


Have a clearly defined and agreed purpose/objective for each journey and this is approved by the Assessor or Award Leader.

Undertake preparation and training which is relevant to their planned journeys and skill level. Note: Sufficient and appropriate preparation and training is required at each level of the Award to ensure all journeys are undertaken with confidence by the Participants.

Ensure they discuss and get approval from their Award Leader prior to undertaking Adventurous Journeys. This includes all practice journeys and qualifying journeys.

Obtain written parent/guardian consent prior to departing on each journey (if under the age of 18).

Be supervised and also assessed by suitable skilled, experienced and/or qualified Volunteer(s).

Ensure there are a minimum of four (4) people in each Adventurous Journey group (with a maximum of seven (7)). Groups larger than 7 should be split into smaller sub-groups.

Endeavour to undertake their Adventurous Journey(s) with peer groups who will make decisions together.

Ensure both the practice and qualifying journeys are of a similar nature and duration, and are in a similar environment (but not over the same route). These journeys must be using the same mode of travel (e.g. canoeing, walking etc.)

Undertake sufficient practice journeys to ensure that the qualifying journey is safe. At least one practice journey is required at each level of the Award.

Only use simple self-catering accommodation (e.g. shelters, tents, hostels).

Ensure the qualifying journey meets the minimum time requirements for the chosen level of the Award.

Upon completion of the practice and qualifying journeys, submit/present a journey report to their Assessor.

Undertake activities substantially in their own time. This means that whilst some activity may take place within school, university or work hours, most of it should occur outside of these schedules times.

Activity Examples

Expedition: Walking the Cape to Cape/Bibulmun Track, canoe trip, cycling tour.

Exploration: Study of flora/fauna in National Park, cultural tour through China.

Adventurous Projects (Gold Level only) Solo sailing trip, Trek to Everest Base Camp.