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This service operates with the financial support of the Department of Communities


Organisational Partners

Supportive partnerships committed to the positive personal development in young people.


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Supporting Us – Sponsorship Packages

Awards WA believe that equipping young people with the skills and confidence to discover their potential has never been more important.  However we can’t do any of it without people and organisations like you.  With your support, we can help even more young people across WA to dream big and find out what they are truly capable of achieving.  We invite you to join us in championing the next generation.

Introducing our first Bronze Supporters

Willy and Mimi Packer

How you can support the delivery of the Award

There are several ways in which you can support our work.

Corporate Sponsorship packages available – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Awards WA Corporate Package

Awards WA Partnership Vision

Please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Katie Brown to discuss your options.

Ambassador Program

In 2009, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Ambassador Program was established to enable young people access and participation of the Award, Australia wide, regardless of their location or circumstance.

Our WA Based Ambassadors

  • Mrs Patricia Bohnenn-Sproule
  • Mrs and Mr Anne and Charlie Bontempo
  • Mr Andrew Forrest
  • Mr and Mrs Stephen and Kerrie Hauville
  • Mr Alan Jones (Christ Church Grammar School)
  • Mr and Mrs Haniff and Roseline Kassim
  • Mr and Mrs Tony and Gwenyth Lennon
  • Mr and Mrs Anthony and Deborah Lennon
  • Ms Jody Lennon and Prof Michael Henderson
  • Mr and Mrs Nicholas and Amanda Lennon
  • Ms Rebecca Lennon
  • Mr and Mrs Ross and Jennylee Norgard
  • Mr and Mrs Christopher and Jenny Rowe
  • Mr and Mrs Greg and Lorraine Stagbouer
  • Mrs and Mr Joanna and Bruce (dec) Sturgess
  • Mr and Mrs Christopher and Jenny Rowe
  • Mr and Mrs Sam and Christine Gannon

World Fellowship

The World Fellowship aims to provide a stable financial foundation for the development of the International Award throughout the world. Through its support, the World Fellowship enables more young people, particularly those in less prosperous circumstances, to benefit from participating in the International Award Program.

WA Based World Fellows

  • Mr and Mrs Tony and Gwenyth Lennon
  • Mr and Mrs Alun and Sue Legge